​  Short term training/ capsule course on disaster management with focus on:

  •  Disaster Preparedness Tools
  •  Post-Disaster Relief & Rehabilitation Management
  •  Conducting Disaster Management Table Top and Simulation Exercises
  •  Relief and Rehabilitation training

Technical survey, Procurement, Supply and AMC of security and  firefighting equipment and  machinery. Survey, Installation and maintenance of CCTV systems. Supply of various Security equipment and gadgets on lease/rental basis to events and  functions.

Provision of 24x7 Engineers and Maintenance staff during the period of events.

Transportation & Installation of equipment and machinery.

Equipment available:         
1. X-ray baggage Inspection systems with different tunnel size.         
2. HHMDs & DFMDs         
3. Intrusion Detection Alarms & Systems etc    
4. CCTV Camera


  • Internal surveillance & Intelligence Collection on corruption in projects / organization
  • Surveillance and prevention of Identity  theft and financial frauds

  • Intelligence collection on local issues and  suggest most practicable solutions on  mega projects

  • Intelligence collection on local political environment before new ventures

  • Collection and submission collation of information on labour, trade union activities hindering business growth, development &  involvement of outside elements in incitement.

    Being forewarned makes one forearmed to deal with a situation very effectively.

  • Reference Check/verification.
  • Surveillance & intelligence collection on high value deals.
  • Surveillance over employees working in high probability illegal gratification positions.
  • Intelligence inputs on acquisitions & mergers.
  • Collection, collation and submission of Int inputs on past, factual and true performance record of the companies.
  • Intelligence report on ethical standards of the companies before entering into a business alliance.
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Surveillance and Intelligence collection on  senior most management
  • Cyber Intelligence & Security


  Training is the most important tool to inculcate, maintain, enhance and hone the

  skill,  knowledge and attitude of the personnel to enable them to perform and

  deliver at optimum level


  • Basic Training for security guard and supervisory officers.
  • Improve awareness on security in the organization.
  • ​Enhancement of skill and knowledge.
  • ​Orientation training & On the job training.
  • ​In house training courses for the security/fire personnel and supervisory level.
  • Workshops for the security/fire safety managers
  • Familiarization/awareness sessions for the top management/non security officials.
  • Training of Trainers (TOT) for Security and Fire Protection personnel.
  • Consultancy on establishing training facility on Security, Fire & DM.
  • Conduct Training Need Analysis and devise syllabi & training strategy accordingly
  • Vulnerability, susceptibility and criticality assessment
  • Security Audit  & Security Survey
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Video Surveillance & Video Analytics
  • Access Control & Asset Protection 
  • Anti - sabotage check (personnel as well as vehicle) 
  • Traffic Management, Vehicle movement & parking
  • Integration of Communication System
  • Designing /Up-gradation of physical security infrastructure and Access Control procedures 
  • Laying down / strengthening of procedures for proper accounting of incoming/outgoing material
  • Cash and Valuables Protection / Executive Protection 
  • Comprehensive measures of Integrated Security Management
  • Preparation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for all security functions
  • Survey Design and develop Electronic Security Solutions.
  • Development of Emergency Response Mechanism.
  • Project Management – implementation of security recommendations
  • Security Policy Management
  • Integration of Security Solution at the design stage of project



   In-depth individual/family/corporate assessment of threat by a team of professionals.

  • Putting in place a mix of gadgets, weapons and manpower for close protection and home security.
  • Basic training and familiarization of the team as Primary Protection Group (PPG).
  • A second tier team for closer and intensive supervision.
  • Regular quarterly review of the present security cover based on re-assessment and analysis of the threats.
  • Rotation of the teams for orientation, physical fitness, security and soft skill training.
  • Training on merger of role for personal support staff cum security cover while VIP is on move.                  "                                                                                                                                                                

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Prevention of a fire accident is simple and much more cost effective than dealing with the consequences. 
  •  Detailed Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) on fire safety and fire fighting
  • Fire safety audit to assess the adequacy and suggest up –gradation
  • Conduct periodical inspections to ensure that the systems installed are in working condition
  • Conduct in house training and familiarization sessions & Conduct Mock drills
  • Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC)
  • Design and develop fire safety solutions to all types of premises and buildings
  • Integration of fire safety solution at the design stage of project